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David Nice:

“The strongest Icelandic voice in the festival, again from my perspective of two and a bit days there, was that of Gunnar Andreas Kristinsson. The obsessive rising and falling scales, the abrupt cut-offs of each movement, of Regradation in the sax concert informed my hearing of his work in the final event from the Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra, authoritatively conducted by Runar Oskarsson. Again there were contrasts in the moodiness of Jón Nordal’s Grima, the fey wispiness of Oliver Kentish’s Halcyon Days and the tour de force of Leifur Þorainsson’s On Kypros; but it was Kristinsson’s vivid, tough depiction of Sisyphus in the so-named chamber concerto for clarinet and 13 instruments which dazzlingly stole the show. So there we have it: four outstanding concerts of four works each, plenty of interest and an Icelandic name to follow. ”ík-bright-nights-dark-music-days

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